Your self should not like a discussion on modesty. Your self should find it grating, insulting and offensive. A discussion on modesty should make your self mad. You should chafe and huff and find loopholes for your self to protect who you are.

Modesty isn’t for your self. It is meant to destroy it, to humble it, to make it invisible. If your self hates talking about modesty and standards…good.

I think the biggest mistake we have made in the MJ world with regards to modesty discussions is to have that discussion with our self with our logic and intellect.  Instead be bold, be a peculiar people. Let’s have that discussion with our inner spirit. Put away who you are, what you want to be known for, your individuality, your independent persona and focus on your inner spirit.

The only way to grow closer to Hashem is to strip away your self, to humble yourselves, to be modest in thought and deed but also in dress. Hashem does actually care what you wear, just like He cares what you eat, how you interact with others, what you say and how you say it.

This observance of modesty in dress for both men and women will strip away your individualistic self. And through that process allow the spirit within you, your neshama, to shine Hashem’s glory, the Torah, our Messiah Yeshua in your everyday life.